I will stand and deliver for those yearning to have safety in this violent city. By the end of my first year as mayor, Oakland will be remarkably safer. We'll improve from there.

I will work to give all citizens good reason to respect Oakland government by making it effective, efficient, and trustworthy.

I will inspire and help our young people to succeed in life.

I will end fiscal irresponsibility and careless debt.

I will be fair, honest and candid when communicating, and diligent, careful, and critical when making decisions.

I will insist that our city council and administration rise to the new standard.

I will insist and ensure that the city council and city administration cooperate and help us reach our goals, and will not tolerate bad decisions, endless discussion, ineffective legislation or foolish spending.

I will reinstate good government.

About PAT McCullough 

     I read, observe, and think a lot; in a sense, I live in meditation. Knowing there is fault in the act of desiring, with consciousness that if peace and wellness were the more common situation our lives would be fulfilled, I’ve put much effort - blood, sweat & tears - toward realizing that end for my family, friends, and world.

     I've had plenty of formal and informal education and experience. Because I know things, particularly the differences between right and wrong and good and evil, I've been honoring my duty to live by that knowledge. The ability to analyze and conceptualize has provided me understanding and solutions and a way to fix problems and make a decent income. I’ve used my strength to do difficult things; my ability to endure allowed me to carry on; my integrity enables me to stand in the face of adversity. My love for others – even the strangers encouraged to dislike me – spurred me to protect the endangered and less able. The will to be good has kept me poor but clean.

     At this crossroad, I see that my integrity, strength, knowledge, and ability to bring peace and wellness, are just what the residents of Oakland need to make the progress they desire. As Mayor, I can help us overcome the problems that have vexed Oakland for decades.