Here’s why the Public will be less safe if the magazine ban proposal is made into law:

1. The law-abiding citizen – the fear ridden, the person with arthritis or other disability, those who can’t easily manipulate the machinery, the weak or elderly or nervous who can’t easily reload in the stressful split-second it takes to save or lose their life – will be less-able to defend themselves or help an innocent victim.

2. Self-defense against multiple attackers, or one attacker with their usual more-than-10 round-magazine, will be made impossible by the arbitrary ban. This ban can get innocent, peaceful, law-abiding citizens killed.

3. Previously Law-abiding citizens will become criminals only because of the change in law, not because of a change in their long-time peaceful behavior. This will produce a new underclass that may not cooperate with law enforcement or government agencies.

4. For several years now, politicians have bemoaned the fact that many Oakland residents don’t trust and won’t cooperate with the police because of some past, feared, or expected law enforcement action taken against them or an acquaintance or family member. That poor relationship has often been cited as a root cause and aggravator of Oakland’s intractable crime problems. But instead of encouraging greater cooperation between law enforcement and citizens, this new law will turn  once law-abiding citizens into a class of people newly fearful of arrest. This new class of criminals will become more alienated and less cooperative. It will ruin relationships between police and law-abiding gun owners.

5. These laws will create new criminals who will be alienated and could have a new bad relationship with law enforcement officers. Enforcement of these unnecessary gun laws would be a highly dangerous activity that drains resources and risks the lives of police officers and innocent residents for no practical benefit.

6. At a time when local and national security organizations are under tremendous stress from terrorist threats within our own borders, and Americans are also fearful of the crazed and criminal carrying out new mass shootings, our safety and freedom depends on cooperation among citizens and our government. Divisive laws, bad laws, bad people, hurt our country. It is incumbent upon political officials to not make the matter worse by enacting bad laws with such unintended consequences; these proposals tend to alienate and drive people deeper into secrecy, as patriotic, law-abiding citizens must now fear investigation, confiscation, and imprisonment.

7. The magazine ban doesn’t put any certain and significant penalties on criminals, there is nothing that would frighten or persuade them from carrying a lot of bullets. Instead, such a law would frighten law-abiding citizens from keeping weapons necessary for self-defense. The traditional Criminals and terrorists will not be deterred at all by this law.

8. It removes one certain deterrence of criminals: presently, criminals know that an armed citizen may have the same abilities as they do, so they are less likely to attempt an attack upon one; under the new regime, criminals will know they have more firepower and seek to take advantage of that imbalance of power. This magazine ban will take away the ability of peaceful citizens to defend themselves against better armed criminals.

9. Bad laws reflect poorly on the governments that enact them. Bad laws cause unnecessary litigation and distract citizens from uniting behind good solutions such as enforcement of effective mental health, criminal, and gun control laws.