People who really don't want enough police officers keep repeating the falsity that we can't afford more than the (inadequate) force we have now. The false numbers they proffer wrongly include the inflated costs of training, duplicative equipment, administration, and overtime to justify their conclusion. The naysayers simply don't want the truth to be accepted as fact, and will subtly lie and deceive to have their goals  realized.

The truth is we always have been able to afford more cops without any cuts to needed services. But, what Oakland  residents got is, less cops and less library and park, anyway. The last time they admitted a budget crisis, they made threats that the libraries and parks recreation centers would be closed, thus frightening many people from demanding funds be spent to maintain our police force at the 800+ level it rose to before cops were laid off. City officials wringed their hands and said there was nothing else they could do  -- except  close all the parks and libraries, and every thing dear to Oaklanders. In fact, the libraries and rec centers are closed and underutilized way too much already, and city government has failed to increase operation hours by economizing and utilizing the hundreds of ready volunteers.

Because of institutionalized ineptness and ineffective leadership, they've failed us as much as if they planned to do it. More on this planned inability later. Ideology is the reason there aren't enough cops -- not lack of funds.


In the same manner of claiming there's not enough funding to employ an adequate number of cops, some folks falsely claim that cops are to be feared and prevented from evil predilections. But the answer to both conundrums is to better utilize our resources. We should actively recruit retired law enforcement officers because they are highly experienced, proven to be trustworthy, and  will cost a lot less to deploy. We can hire and deploy 100 retirees within 6 months. They will have an immediate positive impact on our community relations, response time, and the training of younger recruits. You might wonder why the current elected officials have never told you about this and put this proposal into effect. Don't waste time wondering why they've kept the solutions from you, the fact is they are either lying or unimaginative, or some awful combination of both. 


Again, we suffer this problem because too many elected leaders have either been too ineffective or too unwilling to do otherwise. I am the only non-elected candidate who has participated in recruiting and interviewing new officers for our police department. The fact that very few Oakland residents have been selected to join our force stems from the fact some Oakland elected officials more resemble one of the 3 Stooges than effective leadership. I will personally recruit and ensure Oakland residents are hired to our department. The long history of failure and obfuscation in their efforts shows you can't trust any current office holder to get this done. Vote for Pat McCullough and you will have imaginative, effective, and honest leadership. And the cops we need.