vote noon Z

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet)

   Whether it's called Y, aa, or Z, this legislative turd still stinks. There's just enough sweetener in the sugar-ditch to  make it seem somewhat attractive -- that is, if you don't use your other senses to help determine what is true. The truth is that the passage of Z will not produce any noticeable improvement in public safety, and will complicate the transition to the comprehensive public safety plans I have for Oakland. 

   My only real criticism of (then)Mayor Jerry Brown came early on when he kept watering down his anti-crime plans to appease people demanding that money be spent on “crime prevention”. First, he proposed a funding measure for an insufficient number of cops. When that proposal didn’t work, he collaborated with the city council to submit a ridiculously complicated and confusing funding approval scheme that lost at the polls. Measure Z is the direct successor of those failed attempts to compromise our public safety with self-serving ideology. 

   The result of these failed compromises, formerly named Measure Y, is that we enjoy neither enough cops, nor the fruits of “crime prevention”. In fact, we have far more crime than we should be asked to tolerate. But being asked to tolerate crime is just about all you’re going to get from Oakland politicians, unless you elect me Mayor.

   Measure Z is the wrong way to fund public safety. This product of dishonest politics must be replaced now or we'll be stuck with it for a long time. When few voters understood how awful this so-called public safety measure is, one of our valiant citizens stood up for us and spent much of her own time and money fighting this out in court. She did all anyone could by themselves; now is the time for you to do something to help stop this waste of money. Don't listen to the lies that everything will fall apart and we'll have a crime crisis if Z doesn't pass. The truth is, within the first year after I am elected, we can enact honest funding for effective public safety.

Don't get fooled again. Vote NO on Z